MPI-HAC Board of Directors Candidate Application

  President-Elect – 3 Year Term
  Vice President, Education
  Vice President, Finance
  Vice President, Leadership Development
  Vice President, Communications
  Vice President, Membership
  Director, Finance
  Director, Member Care
  Director, Recruitment
  Director, Communications
  Director, Special Events
  Director, Strategic Alliance
  Director, Education

Please answer the following questions:


Please read the following information carefully.  Sign below to declare your candidacy and acceptance of the terms in this section of the application.

I.          If slated by the Nominating Committee, I agree to actively serve on the MPI-HAC Chapter Board of Directors.  I understand that this includes:

a)      Fulfilling my role and responsibilities from July, 2018 – June, 2019;

b)      Attending and fully participating in all board meetings to the best of my ability;

c)   Attending and participating in assigned committee meetings to the best of my ability;

d)   Arriving for meetings fully prepared on the issues to be discussed;

e)   Remaining active in the activities of the chapter;

f)   Promoting the programs, goals and products of the chapter; and

g)  Faithfully discharging duties that may be assigned to me.

h)   Attending and participating in Annual & Mid-Year Retreats (Annual Retreat dates are April 20-21, 2018 / Mid-Year Retreat is typically in December)   


II.         I agree to abide by the MPI Principles of Professionalism.

III.        I have the full support of my employer regarding the duties and responsibilities of the office that I am seeking.  (Note: Slated applicants will be asked to submit a letter of support from their employer.)

IV.        I understand that a member of the Nominating Committee may call to discuss my candidacy.